Cultúr Migrant Centre consulted and contributed to the IHREC guidance published on the 10th of  December 2021. The booklet entitled “Employing International Protection Applicants” provides clear accessible information on employing international protection applicants – people seeking asylum. The publication has been brought together through the Commission’s Worker and Employer Advisory Committee.
The new guidance sets out:
• What a person’s international protection status means for their employability.
• Examples and experience from Irish based businesses such as software development company Zartis, and Deloitte Ireland.
• The guidelines for employers on employing applicants.
• What a Labour Market Access Permission is, what it looks like and how it allows access to employment, self- employment and vocational training.
• Links to, and explanations of, the forms needed to employ someone seeking international protection.
International Protection Applicants have the right to work in Ireland only since June 2018. As the numbers who have since applied to work illustrate, they are eager to find employment and use their existing qualifications, experience and skills. As this is a recent development, many employers may not know about it and miss out on the opportunity to tap into this pool of talent.
Latest figures show that since July 2018, of the 9,187 people who applied for permission to work, 6,837 international protection applicants were granted permission to work. Based on employer return declaration forms, 60% or 4,091 are in employed or self-employed work. 2,913 people are living in Direct Provision and working. 1,178 are working and living independently.