Meath Migrants Forum

Cultúr facilitates a Migrants Forum for Co. Meath which could provide an opportunity for migrants to:

Receive and share information, form a collective analysis of their experiences and take action on issues affecting their day to day lives

The purpose of the Forum includes:

  • Building solidarity and common ground among migrants of different nationalities on the issues affecting their lives
  • Providing an information and discussion session on different topics which would be identified by migrants themselves
  • Supporting the development of leadership skills among migrants who interested in voicing the issues that migrants experience
  • Campaigning and publicising issues affecting migrants
  • Development of the Forum is supported by a small working group who would organise events in between meetings
  • An opportunity for migrants to meet and chat informally

Forum meetings tokes place monthly and have focused on the following themes:

  • Issues affecting Migrants
  • Unemployment and concerns about becoming unemployed
  • Citizenship & the Zambrano case co-facilitated by the Migrants Rights Centre Ireland
  • The Habitual Residence Condition co-facilitated by the Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)
  • Access to information about education and training opportunities co-facilitated by Meath VEC Guidance Service
  • Information on Rights and Entitlements for Migrants

Please contact Reuben Hambakachere in our office by phone or on [email protected] for further information or if you are interested in getting involved in the Migrants Forum

Women’s Group

Group Name – Navan Women’s Group is a social Support Group to support the empowerment and integration of women in the Co, Meath, Navan and surrounding areas.

Purpose –The Women’s Group is a safe space for women to meet and chat on issues that affect their lives as they live and work in Ireland.

It’s a space where women can meet to empower and support each other, share information and learn new skills.

  • It’s a space where we encourage people to highlight the barriers, they encounter in trying to integrate into Irish community.
  • A space where we empower, boost confidence and encourage Women to actively participate in the Irish society.
  • A space for members to share their stories and to identify the concerns that they face in their neighbourhood, workplaces, schools and in the community.
  • A space to support individuals and families to overcome the challenges they face in accessing services.
  • A space to challenge RACISM

The women meet in both physical and virtual spaces and take part in creative activities such as art and crafts, personal development, jewellery making, and much more.  The group focus on empowerment, motivation, personal development, physical and mental health, and wellbeing.

The women’s group is open to new members from ethnic minority and Irish Community and currently has 22 women members of the group. Registration is required upon joining the women’s group. All new members are required to complete registration forms within two weeks of joining the women’s group. Each member is encouraged to bring a friend to the group.

Meeting arrangements- The women’s group have a WhatsApp group and meet every Monday at 11am. Due to COVID 19 level 5 restrictions all meetings will take place online. The meeting link is set up by Cultúr and sent via email and WhatsApp in advance.

As COVID 19 restrictions begin to lift the women’s group will return to meeting in the physical space when it is safe to do so. We highly recommend that members attend regular meetings as this helps the group develop and become stronger. Attending regular meetings gives members a chance to have their voices heard and creates opportunity for more meaningful engagement and group content. Meaning if the women’s group engage and meet regularly, each member can equally decide what activities they wish the group to complete. Meeting arrangements are up for review and discussion amongst group members and day and time of the meetings can be rescheduled if agreed by the majority of the group members. Feedback on suitability of the current meeting schedule is sought.

The Meath Intercultural Network

The Meath Intercultural Network (MIN) was founded in March 2010 on foot of a key recommendation inEngaging Difference: the Opportunity of Diversity in a changing Co. Meath,a research report funded by the Meath County Development Board/Meath CIC published in 2008.

  • Delivery of English language classes
  • Information provision at a county level
  • Addressing access to health services for migrants
  • Employment related issues
  • The roll out of Anti racism training in the county
  • Integration and community participation of Migrants

The role and purpose of the Meath Intercultural Network (MIN)

  • To provide a forum for ongoing consultation on the changing needs of ethnic minorities in Co. Meath
  • To provide a space for agencies, groups and organisations to meet, cooperate and collaborate in ensuring that  policy and services are inclusive of the needs of ethnic minorities
  • To share information and resources  and identify gaps in information and resources and seek access to same
  • To support each other to improve the quality of life for ethnic minorities in Co. Meath
  • To support and ensure the participation and representation of ethnic minorities from other fora in the MIN
  • To build and take action on recommendations of existing research and reports of ethnic minorities needs and issues in Co. Meath and to develop a strategy to respond to their current and future needs

To date participating organisations in the MIN have included:

Meath Partnership, Meath VoloHSE Health Promotion, HSE Child and Family Services, Housing Section Meath County Council, Planning & Community Meath County Council, Navan School Completion Programme, LMETB, Meath Volunteer Centre, Meath Women’s Refuge, Trim Family Resource Centre, Navan CDP, Meath CIC,  North East Regional Drugs Task Force, Meath County Childcare Committee, SOLAS, Filcom, African Women’s Development Initiative, Polish Saturday School, the African Caribbean Forum, Foroige, KPRC, Mosney Intercultural Forum, SIPTU, Meath Travellers Workshop,  Failte Isteach-Third Age Action, Migrant volunteers and Cultúr.

The network has organised training in migrant rights and entitlements, linked in with work in Mosney, began work in supporting the development of an Integration strategy for the county.

If you or your organisation is interested in participating in the MIN, please contact Tinu Achoya in our office by phone or on [email protected]

The recommendation related to the co-ordination of policy relating to ethnic minorities living in Co. Meath as being important to the delivery of coherent policy and service provision to ethnic minorities.

Get Involved in Cultúr’s Work

We Want You!

The role of migrants as volunteers in Cultúr is vital to our current and ongoing work. We seek to actively promote and ensure that migrants have opportunities to participate in informing and shaping our work and its direction. Furthermore, we encourage migrants to get involved and become key decision makers in the strategic direction of the organisation.

Get involved in Cultúr

We are currently looking to involve migrants in the following areas of work:

  • Meath Migrants Forum. Do you want to support a space where migrants come together to discuss issues and experiences living in Co. Meath? We are re-establishing the core group to organise and coordinate the Meath Migrants Forum. Please contact us or view the Meath Migrants Forum page for more information on this initiative. It involves one monthly meeting to support the bi-monthly meeting of the Forum so If you are interested in human rights and equality issues,  then this group is for you!
  • Board of Cultúr. Do you want to support the strategic direction of a community organisation working with migrants in the county and gain board member skills at the same time? Consider becoming a Cultúr board member! Board members must attend a monthly board meeting and participate in one of the board’s sub groups. This may be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the sub group.
  • Get Involved.  We have several groups that support migrant participation. Contact us today to become a community organiser or participate in these groups. Alternatively, if you have an interest in human rights and migrant issues, we would love to hear from you.
  • We outline outline the requirements for all groups and roles clearly in advance, contact us directly with any questions you may have.

For information on the above please contact the project manager Tinu Achioya in our office or on [email protected]

Cultural Centre’s and Community Groups —Gathering

Cultúr Migrant Centre – St Annes Resource Centre, Railway St, Navan- 046 9093120- [email protected]

Migrant Forum – Cultúr Offices – Reuben Hambarkachere – [email protected] – 0861994655

Migrant Network Group – Shola Yaya – [email protected] – 0838381030

Russian Group – Anna Mielnik – 0857196816

Filipino Community – [email protected]

Kells People’s Resource Centre – (046) 924 7161

Meath Traveller Workshop – (046) 902 7801

Polish Community – Fr.Janusz Lugowski – 087-990-89-22, e-mail – [email protected]

African Women Development Initiative (AWDI) – 0899543176

Sheros – Olasubomi Weheti – 0899768097 – [email protected]

Yoruba Heritage Art – 0894982846 – [email protected]

PYDO FOUNDATION – Dr Yinka Dickson – [email protected]