Meath Migrants Forum

Cultúr facilitates a Migrants Forum for Co. Meath which could provide an opportunity for migrants to:

Receive and share information, form a collective analysis of their experiences and take action on issues affecting their day to day lives

The purpose of the Forum includes:

  • Building solidarity and common ground among migrants of different nationalities on the issues affecting their lives
  • Providing an information and discussion session on different topics which would be identified by migrants themselves
  • Supporting the development of leadership skills among migrants who interested in voicing the issues that migrants experience
  • Campaigning and publicising issues affecting migrants
  • Development of the Forum is supported by a small working group who would organise events in between meetings
  • An opportunity for migrants to meet and chat informally

Forum meetings tokes place monthly and have focused on the following themes:

  • Issues affecting Migrants
  • Unemployment and concerns about becoming unemployed
  • Citizenship & the Zambrano case co-facilitated by the Migrants Rights Centre Ireland
  • The Habitual Residence Condition co-facilitated by the Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)
  • Access to information about education and training opportunities co-facilitated by Meath VEC Guidance Service
  • Information on Rights and Entitlements for Migrants

Please contact Reuben Hambakachere in our office by phone or on [email protected] for further information or if you are interested in getting involved in the Migrants Forum