Community Capacity Building Programmes

Community Capacity Building Programmes

Cultúr continues to develop the capacity of Migrant Women through increased participation in various meetings and workshops. Some of these capacity building workshops include English language skills, photography, personal development, aromatherapy, photography and film making using mobile phones, cosmetology, mindfulness, Christmas arts and crafts. These courses are available on face-to-face basis and online. Having worked with the women for the past number of years it has been noted that many have yet to fully integrate into the wider community due to barriers such as language, isolation, exclusion and discrimination.

These capacity building programmes support migrants on their journey to integration through a range of identified activities.

These programmes are relevant in these difficulties Covid 19 times for migrants who continuously experience an increased intensity of issues related to integration, isolation and exclusion.

This project is delivered in partnership with LMETB.

For more information and registration contact Joanna Fitzsimons on [email protected].