Our Work

Cultúr uses a community work approach to its work with migrants. Community work seeks to achieve social change through addressing the root causes of inequality and injustice.

A community work approach is concerned with developing a critical analysis of society, power within society and the structural nature of inequality and injustice.

The manner in which this is achieved is through the participation of migrants who are affected by policy in the decision making process on issues that affect them in order to formulate or influence policy change.

A Community Work approach includes/promotes:

  • Empowerment of migrants through community work processes.
  • The development of a migrant analysis on issues impacting on migrants themselves through building the capacity of migrants creating an analysis of their situation.
  • Collective action by migrants which promotes solidarity and shared identified campaigns and issues.
  • Migrant participation in the planning, development and implementation of strategies impacting on their lives.
  • Visibility and Representation of migrants as advocates and leaders at all levels of society.

Strategic Priorities and Areas of Work

In working towards the goals outlined below Cultúr has identified four key areas of work which are:

  • Community work
  • Policy Work
  • Information Work
  • Organisational Development