Cultúr Migrant Centre’s hosts inaugural ‘Women Inspire’ Dinner to empower women.

Cultúr Migrant Centre’s hosts inaugural ‘Women Inspire’ Dinner to empower women.

30 November 2022

Cultúr Migrant Centre hosted a women’s dinner on 25 November for ladies in county Meath. The dinner, themed ‘Inspire Women’, was attended by 100 guests and hosted at the Newgrange Hotel in Navan from 6 to 11pm.

The event was coordinated by the Cultúr women’s group, a female empowerment vehicle of more than 19 nationalities. The collective aims to empower more women to be innovative producers, owners, managers, executives, and industry leaders.

Navan Women’s group is behind many practical efforts to increase opportunities for women from all walks of life to reach their full potential. Through weekly meetings and activities, Cultúr Women’s Group helps light up the paths of women and girls from marginalised and underserved communities, inspiring hope and reigniting their deepest passions in life.

The aim of the event was to amplify women’s agency in their own lives and to make them feel that they could achieve the impossible as pillars of society. Delegates spoke about how they can mutually cooperate to address problems that affect their demographic and some of their feedback will be part a Cultúr Migrants Centre empirical research project to champion migrant women’s interests.

The dinner ended on a high note, as an aspirational event bringing like-minded women together to share positive stories of hope for some of society’s most marginalized. It was an opportunity to change at an individual level and the ambience of the event enabled women to be free and express their deepest aspirations beyond cultural restrictions.

Cultúr Women’s Group Chairperson, Ms Jinnicha Saowaphayodsawee in her speech, said that,

‘’ There are efforts in all avenues, and we are already reaching a significant number of women. But we must continue to press for progress in engaging other women in such opportunities in ever larger numbers so they can realize their full potential if we want to have significant impact’’.

Other notable speakers on the night were Meath County Councillor Yemi Adenuga who shared her personal story. Fashion Designer and Asta Fashion Owner, Asta Jakubson, spoke about her journey as a migrant from Lithuania to Ireland. Guests also heard from Rethink Ireland CEO, Deidre Martell’s rousing message about ‘breaking barriers on the way to the top’.

Cultúr Migrants Centre Program Manager and event Host, Tinu Achioya said to guests,

‘The space we created today (was) an opportunity to hear inspiring messages from women who went through challenges and have scaled dizzy heights to become who they are today and conquered their obstacles’’.

There was a cultural presentation from the Ukrainian folk group as part of the Cultúr women’s group before a well subscribed raffle draw to raise funds for women’s initiatives which brought the event to its climax. DJ Ola belted out favourite classics which left the multicultural crowd asking for more.

The event organizers are grateful for the kind support of the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF), and the local business community who donated towards the raffle and sponsored prizes

Cultúr Migrants Centre is a regional community organisation, based in counties Meath and Louth, working with ethnic minorities including immigrants, migrant workers, International Protection Applicants, and refugees.


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