Community Development Project

Migrant Network Community Development Project Louth and Meath

We are delighted to officially announce our new project which will raise awareness of, and challenge social exclusion and inequality experienced by local migrant communities and vulnerable groups to proactively create opportunities to address the intersecting issues of poverty, racism and isolation. A key area of focus of this project is to simultaneously enhance the participation, resilience and empowerment of these groups, while also developing and strengthening their capacity to develop partnerships to engage and work in collaboration with key decision-makers and NGOs in the community. In order to implement this project and contribute to the objectives of the Community Development Programme, we recently recruited a Community Worker to work in our new office in Louth.

The foundation of this project is rooted in Cultúr’s strategic plan which identifies the need for the positive integration of migrant communities into mainstream society and the capacity-building of local communities to reach out to and engage marginalised communities.

Using a participative, bottom-up community work approach, this project will enable migrant groups and ethnic led-community group leaders to challenge existing and emerging issues by amplifying their voices and providing opportunities for more meaningful engagement with mainstream services. The project seeks to address stark  gaps in existing provisions of services to vulnerable and marginalised groups.


  • Build the capacity of migrants / ethnic-led organisations to engage with a meaningful decision making process.
  • Development of Migrant Network Partnerships in County Meath and Louth.
  • To promote the positive social  inclusion of migrant/ethnic communities into Irish society; and challenge racist attitudes.
  • To develop culturally responsive approaches to supporting and serving migrant communities locally.
  • To work in solidarity with Travellers to promote the rights of ethnic minorities through a shared vision.
  • Increase representation of migrant communities and vulnerable groups  at the decision-making table to actively address issues affecting them.

If you have any queries about this project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Angel at [email protected] or [email protected], or call us on 089 248 7364

The Cultúr MNCD project is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development