Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote is Your Voice!

Every vote counts in the upcoming elections, everyone can have an influence!

Cultúr is a Meath based organisation that supports ethnic minorities. We are running a programme with ethnic minority representatives to ensure that your voice is heard.


To develop a deliver a voter action programme for ethnic minorities focusing on four key areas:

  1. Social and multi-media platforms and tools to create awareness of the general election and voter rights.
  2. Organise Voter registration drives at key locations and events with minorities using creative materials.
  3. A Peer to peer Voter Ambassador training programme with ethnic led groups and leaders in the community using materials and best practice developed in Ireland and other countries in EU and US.
  4. Dialogue events with the election candidates in the two constituencies in the county and direct one to one engagement.

For more information on your voting rights, or to get involved please contact us at [email protected].