Today we at Cultúr are marking a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Ireland home.

According to Ireland Network Against Racism RACISM is: Any action, practice, policy, law, speech, or incident which has the effect (whether intentional or not) of undermining anyone’s enjoyment of their human rights, based on their actual or perceived ethnic or national origin or background, where that background is that of a marginalised or historically subordinated group. Racism carries connotations of violence because the dehumanisation of ethnic groups has been historically enforced through violence.

In other words, racism is when an individual, group, structure or institution intentionally or unintentionally abuse their power to the detriment of people, because of their actual or perceived “racialised” background.

You may have seen racism in your school, workplace and community. You can be a powerful voice against it: you can make a difference.

Join our campaign to raise awareness of racism, how it works, the damage it causes and how we can recognise and reject it by liking, loving and sharing this post.

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Let us stand against racism!


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