The Meath Intercultural Network

The Meath Intercultural Network (MIN) was founded in March 2010 on foot of a key recommendation inEngaging Difference: the Opportunity of Diversity in a changing Co. Meath,a research report funded by the Meath County Development Board/Meath CIC published in 2008.

The research report highlighted a number of other recommendations that such a co-ordinated strategy for Co. Meath could support a response to. These included:

  • Delivery of English language classes
  • Information provision at a county level
  • Addressing access to health services for migrants
  • Employment related issues
  • The roll out of Anti racism training in the county
  • Integration and community participation of Migrants

The role and purpose of the Meath Intercultural Network (MIN)

  • To provide a forum for ongoing consultation on the changing needs of ethnic minorities in Co. Meath
  • To provide a space for agencies, groups and organisations to meet, cooperate and collaborate in ensuring that  policy and services are inclusive of the needs of ethnic minorities
  • To share information and resources  and identify gaps in information and resources and seek access to same
  • To support each other to improve the quality of life for ethnic minorities in Co. Meath
  • To support and ensure the participation and representation of ethnic minorities from other fora in the MIN
  • To build and take action on recommendations of existing research and reports of ethnic minorities needs and issues in Co. Meath and to develop a strategy to respond to their current and future needs

To date participating organisations in the MIN have included:

Meath Partnership, Meath VoloHSE Health Promotion, HSE Child and Family Services, Housing Section Meath County Council, Planning & Community Meath County Council, Navan School Completion Programme, LMETB, Meath Volunteer Centre, Meath Women’s Refuge, Trim Family Resource Centre, Navan CDP, Meath CIC,  North East Regional Drugs Task Force, Meath County Childcare Committee, SOLAS, Filcom, African Women’s Development Initiative, Polish Saturday School, the African Caribbean Forum, Foroige, KPRC, Mosney Intercultural Forum, SIPTU, Meath Travellers Workshop,  Failte Isteach-Third Age Action, Migrant volunteers and Cultúr.

The network has organised training in migrant rights and entitlements, linked in with work in Mosney, began work in supporting the development of an Integration strategy for the county.

If you or your organisation is interested in participating in the MIN, please contact Tinu Achoya in our office by phone or on [email protected]

The recommendation related to the co-ordination of policy relating to ethnic minorities living in Co. Meath as being important to the delivery of coherent policy and service provision to ethnic minorities.