Chinese New Year 2021

Join us on Tuesday the 16th of February to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Year of the Ox. The event will include guest speakers, prizes and information about Chinese culture and food. It will give the Chinese and wider Asian community a chance to celebrate virtually and link in together during the restrictions. You can register on eventbrite here:*F&c[0]=AT1NKiccEPZCB2NCpy0n3yDBnQ73KXdRzgveD5MPjylfTE88SUcnbRzBJunpqzubBHxGrAg20cZHyQ7bf5U9y4J8tg_AHPqS5mjTUgi0Y9AXipa72Fn4jT6ijmnCEJS4zH0DrnJ1uzfj3cq_3hHsyINrIaWuuorkmEgFauqb7pqE06sttFOCqdBenhi1_YAi4807Uif8WbbNg5HY3y98WKNm_7oNsImC