Cultúr - Migrants Centre


WG02 Cultur women's group meet together every Tuesday morning. They have a programme which is a combination of guest speakers, discussions, and opportunities for the women to chat and develop friendships. The women have all made Ireland their home and came originally from all over the world.

The Women’s Group came together originally to support another woman who was in need. They offered her support through “sisterhood”. This coming together demonstrated their commitment to working with other women and their understanding of the issues that affect the lives of migrant women who are stay at home mothers in Ireland.


An indication of the determination of these women to do something about women’s isolation was evident when one of them said she wanted them to be known as the “Rock Pushers”. She explained that we can move mountains when we are together.

  • All of the women feel very strongly that there is a real need for women who are isolated in their homes to be supported and encouraged to get involved in the community.

It is important to note that an MRCI report published a few years ago and entitled
“Enabling Equality – Migrant Women in rural Ireland”
echoes the concerns of the Cultur Women’s Group when it says that:

“Isolation becomes so debilitating that it impacts on every aspect of life, on physical and psychological wellbeing and on socio-economic participation.”

The report goes on to state that:

“Building the capacity and voice of migrant women to participate fully in the issues that affect their lives needs leadership and support through targeted measures, and dedicated resources and energy.”

Please contact Theresa Martin project worker in our office by phone or on for further information or if you are interested in getting involved in the Women’s Group.