Moving On – Objectives

The overall aim of The Moving On project is to ensure that people transitioning into the community are supported to participate equally. Consequently, they must be socially included in their community from Direct Provision to independent living using a community work model.

The two areas we want to address are as follows:

  1.  Develop and coordinate a resettlement support model for those leaving Direct Provision. Especially relevant, are key areas such as accommodation, social welfare, education and access to health services.
  2. Ensure that those affected are part of designing and deciding on what supports they need.


We hope to achieve this by engaging statutory agencies and front-line services in jointly addressing the blocks and barriers faced by residents looking to move out of direct provision, and by supporting the resident’s participation in the process. We plan to utilise the existing networks and other available avenues to raise awareness, influence policy and facilitate opportunities for giving voice to the beneficiaries at the appropriate platforms.

Reuben Hambakachere.

Transitional Support Worker.

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