Registered to vote?

We have just 4 days to make sure that everyone can vote in the European and local elections on May 24th. Are you under the age of 25? Are you living in Ireland but not yet a citizen? Or have you moved house recently?

The statistics tell us that these are the people least likely to be registered to vote. [1]  They’re also people likely to be affected by, or care about so many of the issues of equality and sustainability we campaign on together.

The electoral register closes in just 4 days time. If all of us do one simple check and help get the word out, we can make a huge difference in making sure everyone has their say on May 24th when the local and European elections take place. [2]

If you’re not sure you’re registered, could you check now? And if you know for certain you are, could you use our new messaging tool to send a quick reminder message to people in your life? This is the best way to get people to take action.

I don’t know if I’m registered to vote, I’ll check now

I’m registered but I’ll send this to my friends

Voting gives us the power to influence issues we’re passionate about – and a handful of votes can make the difference between who gets elected or not. However, if you are not registered – it’s an opportunity lost to make sure politicians who back what we care about get elected.

There are lots of really important issues at the heart of these elections – the housing crisis, tackling climate change, fighting back the far right. It’s voters like you and me Bernadette who will help shape our county and city councils and the European Parliament. But you can only be a voter if you’re on the register.

To vote in the local elections you just need to be living in Ireland since last September – and for the EU elections if you are a citizen of another EU country you also get to vote. [4]

A two-minute check could make the difference, so don’t delay in making sure you – and everyone you know – has a say on election day.

Check the register now

I’ve checked so will share on social media

More power to you

Siobhan and the Uplift team

P.S: Our political system isn’t perfect, but voting is one of the main ways we can hold our politicians to account. Check to make sure you are registered to vote on May 24th:


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