AMIF: Social Connection and Inclusion Project

This project is funded by EUROPEAN UNION Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and the Department of Justice and Equality.


The overall aim of the Social Connection and Inclusion Project is to strengthen economic and social integration of Third Country Nationals (TCN) and migrants. Using employment initiatives and social inclusion activities as well as improve social relations among statutory bodies and voluntary organisations dealing with TCN communities in Co Meath.

Explore issues of social exclusion, unemployment, cultural difference, forms of discrimination and will develop practical integration initiative and workshops from community-based perspective to promote integration of TCN communities and challenge different form of discrimination whilst promoting diversity in Co Meath and its environment

This project builds on the existing work between Cultúr and TCN’s, migrants and asylum seekers and places a strategic priority on integration, participation and diversity, through a range of capacity building activities and training. Engaging with and providing support for TCN, minority ethnic communities and the wider community in developing community organisational capacity.

Project Outcomes:

  • Increase capacity of eligible asylum seekers, refugees, and Third Country Nationals in accessing employment opportunities, gainful labour skills and to seek and obtain training and education. Increase the capacity of Migrant leaders and TCN’s to engage in local community and participate in civic activities in the county and other local community participatory structures.
  • Increased awareness of forms of discrimination and other barriers that prevent integration of TCN’s and Minority communities which
    will promote positive relations.
  • Improve cultural competencies and understanding of cultural difference among statutory bodies, community and voluntary organisations in interactions with TCN’s and minority communities.
  • Increase knowledge and skills required to transition from direct provision into the local community, increase awareness on housing opportunities and how to become first time homebuyers.
  • An effective and efficient
  • project that has capacity to deliver on the programme objectives in a manner that meets best practice in terms of project management and governance.


The SCIP Project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2019 – 2022 and is support by the Department of Justice and Equality